Nessa's Christmas Tree!

So when I went to visit Nessa I took a picture of her tree this year!
awwwww Sorry Nessa!

Isn't that just the saddest thing you ever saw!

Christmas Is Cumming Soon To A House Near You!!

Just spreading some joy!
Cause these legs are closed for business till the day after christmas!

Janice, it hurts!!

Oh, this vidjo never gets old.

I Have To Offset That Stupid Little Slut Girl Dancing!!

This is just wrong, I know that!
But come on! You know you can't stop watching it!

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Wow, they are starting them young.


As Much As I Love Video Games I Thought This Was A Bit Much!

jesus this is a long video!
But the singing is just so bad its funny!

More Video Games Walkthroughs at 5min.com

So How Many Should I Order That Have A Penis On Them?!

god, just look at them geeks so proud wearing those shirts!

I would think a lite burning to the skin might happen even though they are leds!

Sorry Ricky! (now with a tan)


Get your freak on - Watch more Free Videos

Thank you Nessa for this. Although how you found it.........

I'll pass.


I don't know about any of you but that doesn't look too bad!

Ummmm, yeah.


I might have to start a "Brian really wants one of these" paypal account. Isn't it pretty?


So I was hanging out with the mother today, and went to some art
stores to find some things for making a model with the gingerbread house idea in mind.
And what does my lil eye see?!?

My lil PINK TREE!!!
sorry Ricky!

Ricky Really Loves His Guitar Hero!!!


What more can I say!?!
Sorry Ricky!

GOD Ricky (Foul Monkeys Podcast) Really Loves His Tits!!!

Sorry Ricky!

I would have that thing checked out!

For Any Of You Geeky People Into Star Wars . . .


I don't know.
I'm sure Brian has something to say about this!

Does Anybody Else Watch This Show!?!


Although the acting is dumb the idea is pretty funny!
Of course this show would be from Canada!

Seriously, If Any Of You Know This Then You Are As Cool As Me!

I Love It!

What The Hell Is Wrong With People!?!?!


This is why I never shop on black friday!


::insert gay scream::

:a tear is shed:

I love the pelvic thrusts she does!
She's still half asleep though!

This Will Be Me This Weekend, Except Its More On The Downzie Not So Much On The Upzie . . .


Disco Stars!! (this is just too much fun)

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I just thought everyone would want to know, Christian and I are in a movie!!!!!

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Maybe Just Another One To End The Night!


I Can't Wait!!
::insert gay/geek scream::

Ok, one more before I go to bed.


This Is For Brian! I'm Still Not Convinced!


First off! This award show is a Joke, a very sad joke!
Second, they could have done without the cut-to people looking stupid on camera!
That is All!

Oh Ricky! Will You Ever Learn!


I'm going to go with no on this one!
Sorry Ricky!

Ah, this brings back memories........


The Proper Way

We you might have heard, I, Brian, was not satisfied with how I had been "tied up" in the past. So I decided I do a little tutorial. ENJOY!!!

Just to One-Up Christian, I present....


I Saw This On The Soup And I had To Post It . . .

No matter how many times I see this I still laugh at it!

Thanks To Nessa For This Video. . . .

I swear Ricky is training more chubs to be like him!!
I swear some of that gunt/junk pops out around 1:03!!!

Why Do Fatties Do This!?!
Don't They Know!
Sorry Ricky!

As if the world isn't fishy enough.......


Petition to stop divorce in California

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Just in case you didn't catch the website for the petition, click the title of this post.

Ricky is at it Again!!!


So a little birdie told me that Ricky was doing some lil business on the side!
But they didn't mention that he was getting some exercise too!
Love Ya Ricky!!

How do I say this without......offending(x-posted)

Well, I probably will and fuck it! If you're offended, speak your mind! I'm perfectly fine with that.

Ok, here's where I'm at.

Prop. 8 passed. It's stupid and unacceptable. Yes, I will agree with that until we're all dead.

It passed, which means we've lost, FOR THE TIME BEING!!!! I can't stress that enough. Lost the battle, not the war.

Ok, so I hear there are going to be all these protests at city halls all across southern California.

Really? Really! I hope this is just a rumor.

As much as I'm for standing up for what you believe in, I'm not of fan of just screaming your head off about something you can't do anything about right now. There is this thing called planning your attack. I hate to make it so graphic, but seriously.

Standing outside a building screaming "NO TO H8!" is not going to do much other than make us look like fools. I don't want to look stupid, do you? Can we just sit back for like, five seconds and breath, first of all. (I feel like I haven't taken a breathe since this whole thing started)

Second, we need to think of a way that will get our point across without being obtrusive(in the assholey sense of the word). That, I don't know yet how to do that. That's why I'm posting this. I need ideas, I need help. But I refuse, flat out REFUSE to do all these protests. I don't feel it's helping. It's just adding to the fuel that is the hatred of people who voted yes.

I'm not about creating fires. I'm about putting them out. Again, if you don't agree with me, that is perfectly fine.

This is a message for those who agree with and want to figure out a peaceful way of solving this. Obviously, it will not be overnight. But I'm willing to do what needs to be done to change this. Peacefully.

Don't get me wrong, I give props to those who feel strongly enough to go out there and do what they feel is right to set this straight. But please, please be aware that you are setting an example which we all have to live by. Whether you like it or not, that is how people perceive us.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? I'm open to any and all.


Make sure you click on the "CLICK HERE" part and not on the picture for the link!
Ok Soooo. . . .
This is one of the reasons why I love the internets (yes with an "s")! ! !

I'm always amazed at what is really out there!
And just in case you were wondering there are a couple of other videos on the site!
Good stuff for when you are bored! hahaha

Some Times I'm a Super Bitch . . . .


The video is not bad, though she continues to use a bit of that tranny look that she is fond of. I don't see why people get so pissy and say that Christina is jacking Lady GaGa's look when Christina has been in the music industry a lot longer and kind of always had the blonde look!

Nobody Wants To See Your Costume . . . .


Ricky from Foul Monkeys Podcast

Love ya Ricky!!!

It's Halloween Bitches!!!!

Ahhhhh . . . .This brings me back memories!

Tech Time With Christian . . . .

So I decided to upgrade my cell phone's firmware (is that what the kids are calling it these days?!?) on my voyager.
And I will admit that I like the improvements that they did to it.
I just wish that they didn't charge a monthly fee for the latest Visual Voice Mail (or VVM).
I guess whatever competes with the iphone!
Its not like they care as long as money is coming in!!
Verizon Bastards!!!!!!

Yeah! Like this could ever be an iphone!!

P.S. Clicking on the this post's title will take you to a youtube vid on this update in case you were wondering cause you probably have all the time in the world!! hahaha

Look Who's Back!!

Stupid youtube took the embed off, so click the link to watch Brandi's new video "Right Here."

Video's nothing special, but I love the song!

Click the title of this post to listen.

Salad Tossed . . . .


God I'm in LOVE with this show!!!!!

I Call'em Like I See'em


She is getting there!
Slowly, but maybe the next album will be her real come back!
hahahahaha I mean her eyes look really seepie seeps!!

Nothing Personal . . . I Love Her Soul


Oh Girl!


I shouldn't laugh, but I do. Girl, no tabletops, mmk?

Here's the full version.


They were so fucking great last night!!
Chicks were birthing babies and tops were flying off!!
Of course I mean my top!

God I love that man's voice!
Just wish Caleb left his hair long but apparently the chicks dig it!!


I love you

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