It's Halloween Bitches!!!!

Ahhhhh . . . .This brings me back memories!

Tech Time With Christian . . . .

So I decided to upgrade my cell phone's firmware (is that what the kids are calling it these days?!?) on my voyager.
And I will admit that I like the improvements that they did to it.
I just wish that they didn't charge a monthly fee for the latest Visual Voice Mail (or VVM).
I guess whatever competes with the iphone!
Its not like they care as long as money is coming in!!
Verizon Bastards!!!!!!

Yeah! Like this could ever be an iphone!!

P.S. Clicking on the this post's title will take you to a youtube vid on this update in case you were wondering cause you probably have all the time in the world!! hahaha

Look Who's Back!!

Stupid youtube took the embed off, so click the link to watch Brandi's new video "Right Here."

Video's nothing special, but I love the song!

Click the title of this post to listen.

Salad Tossed . . . .


God I'm in LOVE with this show!!!!!

I Call'em Like I See'em


She is getting there!
Slowly, but maybe the next album will be her real come back!
hahahahaha I mean her eyes look really seepie seeps!!

Nothing Personal . . . I Love Her Soul


Oh Girl!


I shouldn't laugh, but I do. Girl, no tabletops, mmk?

Here's the full version.


They were so fucking great last night!!
Chicks were birthing babies and tops were flying off!!
Of course I mean my top!

God I love that man's voice!
Just wish Caleb left his hair long but apparently the chicks dig it!!


I love you

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