The COCK Shot!

So easy you can do it with just one finger!

I think Brian needs one of these for every time he sees anything that walks!
Sorry Brian or is it Frank?
oh well

EPISODE 27 "I'm Dog-Shitting Actually! Whut?"

This was a bit of a Shitcast!
You have been WARNED!
Bjorn's man was able to pose for our album art this week!
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Gotta Love a good story with great pictures!
Apparently the Sham-Wow guy , aka Vince Shlomi, has been arrested!
I guess the whore was just being a whore to him.
Looks like he will being saying something else when the rape begins!
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It's So Sad It's True!

Sorry Ricky!

How Amazing Is This Song NOW!

Lounge Version!

Original Version!

EPISODE 26 "Can I Get A Stem Cell Boost?"

We gay it up talking mostly about Lady GaGa!
And her music is the only thing we play!
sorry ricky you couldn't have joined us!

Alright alright Episode 25 is up now too!

Episode 25
Hot Couche Clam Bake!
sorry nessa!

So . . . . This is how I know I'm GAY!

I'm actually liking this idea . . .

Even considered attending to watch it if it ever came around town!
shhhh don't tell Brian cause he would make me go!


Episode 24
Well The Black And Chicken Go Together!

Episode 23
Your Mom Has The Best Meat Flaps!