EPISODE 39 "You're Not Musky Enough Down There!"

Yes yes, Christian is behind the times as always.
But we have taken a bit of a break.

sorry everybody?

Meow Meow Meow Mix by Lady Gaga


Christian shows us exactly what the TWSS boys are about!


Funbags and all.

Sorry Christian! Oh wait, wrong blog.

Another Amazingly Long Episode!!

Yeah yeah, we know!
Really, almost an hour and a half?


Oh Peaches, forever rauchy.


Just In Case You Missed it!!!

Another Music Video with PEACHES!
Lose You

We just saw her in concert a few hours ago and it was

It's Funny To Me . . . .

But for any of you whom can't stand
a lot of noise all at once, it might
make you a lil annoyed!
At 38 seconds into it makes me laugh everytime!

sorry old people! (ricky)

YAY! New Music Video!!

I LOVE her more and more!!

The last scene is AWESOME!!

WOW 100 POSTS!! Such Timing For . . . . .

That's Right!!
Another healthy dose of US!
Enjoy the Show!!
cause its a shitcast, sorry people!

Another Punny YouTube Video!!

The actually talking part is dumb but the singing and lyrics
do a pretty good job at making me laugh!

Who doesn't love some teased feathered hair!