Not Sure What To Make Of This . . . .

So Johnny from Bears in Games sent me this vid.
I find it oddly racist for some reason.

I hope Ricky doesn't see this cause I know how he likes the young'ns!
sorry ricky!

EPISODE 22 Is Up Bitches! Download It NOW! GO!

Just ignore Brian's attempt at singing that song for the game!
Sorry Nessa!


(not Christian's choice) the PreShow

Episode 21

Episode 20

Cookie Cast Party With Nessa And Miss Wes!

YAY NEW EPISODES! . . . . finally

So yeah!
Episodes 18, Bonus and 19 are up!

Episode 20 is just around the corner,
which means..........
PreShow Episode will be posted shortly!

So Since It Is Getting Closer To Christian's Birthday!!!!

Perhaps some ideas for gifts are needed for jews!

Yes the DVD Powerpuff Girls Anniversary Box Set

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Or come up with something on your own!
I like creative gifts like a stick drawing or maybe even hand knitted feet cozies!